French perfume Korloff

French perfume Korloff


From Saint Petersburg to Paris, the Korloff saga has always been closely entwined with the history of the biggest black diamond – the “Korloff Noir.” This gem, weighing in at an exceptional 88 carats, was, for several generations, the prized possession of the Korloff Saponjnikoff family, part of the Russian nobility.

The legend suggests that it brings happiness, good luck, and prosperity to all those coming into contact with it. Bewitched by this awesome stone and its mystical past, Daniel Pailasseur founded a company in 1978 that was to bear its name.

Today, the “Korloff Noir” is part of his heritage and is the very soul and talismanic symbol of that company. This was how the legend grew out of a true story…

Brand Name: Korloff

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