Every company in every field at some point faces the need to organize different kinds of events. Depending on the audience all events may be divided into 3 groups:
• Client events are organized for the current or potential customers, for example, open days, presentations, festivals, test-drives, etc.
• Corporate events are national or professional holidays, sport and family activities for the personnel, team-building events, quests, etc.
• Events for the Media and government, such as ceremonies, openings and ground-breaking ceremonies, presentations with the participation of the top officials from among companies and governments, press conferences, press-tours, briefings, etc.

4D team will be glad to help you to organize any kind of event. We provide the following services:
• Developing creative ideas and unique scenarios
• Professional stage directing of the performances and fests, film production for the corporate events
• Decorating your event from sketches to turning it into reality (costumes, props, flowers, exclusively designed nvitations, etc.)
• Technical support of the event – we provide our own equipment (lighting and sound equipment, stage props, decorations and costumes manufacturing)
• As well as celebrities’ booking, catering, photo- and video-shooting, corporate souvenirs, unconventional presents

We also provide business events on a turn-key basis such as conferences, trainings, workshops, symposiums at high level.